Casa Luis is a non working farm located just across the river from a small town called Paso Grande.  The location is ideal for those who are seeking a vacation to unplug and get away from civilization but not too far away.  Paso Grande is accessible by crossing a small river.  Further down the highway, is La Toma.

Enjoy the beautiful sunsets while sipping great wines from the nearby Province of Mendoza.  Casa Luis has a wonderful Parrilla on the front porch where you can enjoy an asado (BBQ) overlooking the river and foothills.

The mornings at Casa Luis are breathtaking too.  As the sun rises you can hear chickens and cows waking in the distance.  There are plenty of areas for you to meditate or practice yoga as the sounds of the river rolling over rocks quiet your mind.

If you are looking for an escape from the crowds for your next vacation, look no further than Casa Luis.